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Mountains of (Im)possibilities



Nonsense, confusion, impossibility  Sisyphus task
+ the sheer joy of the Dutch mountain non-existence

F: I just think about the physical action of moving, and accumulating objects. And, so, there is also this process of going to places and finding things on the street, or second-hand shops. And there is this joy of purchase and grabbing a little thing and bringing it home and adding it onto your pile.
M: So, some kind of a dopamine rush.
F: Yeah, It is the same as a handful of sand, and you feel like you're doing work, and you are doing work, but eventually you've got to move house and it's the same as pulling all of the mountain, you know. It's like you have to execute weeks and months of work and you have to move all of that in a single moment. And it's really difficult, and quite daunting.
M: Yeah, but we still did it.
F: It just takes a lot of energy.
M: It does.
F: And money as well