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Utoprocessing was a collaborative mixed-media exhibition showcasing the works of Martina Priehodová and Lily Dollner, joined by two Prince Claus Conservatory students, Julius Jonker and Robert IJserinkhuijsen. Through sculpture, installation, film, sound, painting, and photography, the project explores hydrofeminism and how transhumanism can be reconciled in the feminine body.

Using the analogy of the body as a body of water, the aim is to deepen the mindfulness of the interrelations between humans and the world. Water is the fundamental link between humans, their bodies, other living things, the past and the present, and the environment. The project relates this to transhumanism (the integration of organisms and technology) and technological systems through water cooling methods, such as those used by a PC.

Pipes and tubes run through our bodies like fiber-optic cables under the sea. They carry data from one component to another, cleansing and cooling the system and merging all parts into one working unit.